Policies & Procedures

General Information


******************Effective 3/24/20 we will only be open from 6am-6pm on Saturdays. We will only be accepting children of essential workers, so please have your badge or ID ready at drop off.**********************************

Oakdale Private School is open from 5:00 A.M. to 11:30 P.M., Monday-Saturday, twelve months a year.  Full week tuition includes any five days of the week (Monday–Saturday) up to 12 straight hours a day.  After school tuition includes Monday-Friday from 6a.m. until children are taken to school and after school until 7p.m. If after school children are here for school holidays and/or early dismissal, there will be an extra charge.  After school children are not permitted to attend Oakdale during regular school hours. Children are not allowed to stay at school for more than 12 hours per day without special approval from the office.  If your child is here over 12 hours for full time care, here before 6:00am or past 7:00pm for after school care, you will be charged an hourly rate and may be charged an additional late fee.

Each child entering the school must be signed in upon arrival and signed out upon departure in the classroom and in the front office. This system is a vital part of our program, and we ask all parents to please take the time to make sure the person at our front desk gets your child keyed into the computer daily. Failure to comply with this request may result in discharge from the center. Please make sure that you sign your child in and out in the office.
NCI parents must swipe their NCI cards at the front desk when bringing your child in and picking them up. Failure to do so may cause exclusion from the center.

The center will be closed for certain holidays. Please see our yearly calendar for exact closing dates and early dismissal dates.  

Each student must have the following completed and submitted to the office upon admission:
1. Completed information forms including parent’s names, addresses, current phone numbers, emergency information and birth dates.
2. Up to date immunization records and medical forms.
3. Registration and supply fees paid in full. (Which are non-refundable).
4. Signed acknowledgment that the parents have received a copy of the school’s policies and procedures.
5. A statement from your child’s physician approving them to attend day care.
6. Infant feeding sheet, if applicable.
7. Copy of ID of the parent/parents enrolling the child.

Children are not released to anyone other than parents/guardian without personal authorization from one of the child’s parents/guardian. By listing persons allowed to pick up and an emergency contact on your enrollment form, you authorize us to release your child to that person. Driver’s license or picture identification is required for anyone to pick up.

+Drop Off and Pick Up
Parents must walk their child into the facility and all the way to their classroom, no matter what. Please do not drop off your child in the parking lot. That is an unsafe place for children to be unattended. We require parents to walk their child all the way inside of the office, and then to their classroom, and check in with the person at the desk. If you do not walk your child into the facility, we cannot be responsible for them. It is simply unsafe. Only parents or assigned guardians are allowed to go to the classrooms for pick up. Anyone other than parent or guardian must be cleared by the office. Once a parent or guardian picks up their child from the classroom, the parent then becomes responsible for their child. No car seats can be stored in the facility.  No drop offs after 5pm on regular days and no drop offs after noon on closing days.

Our staff is highly qualified and our school has one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry. The average tenure of our staff is approximately 9 years, with several celebrating their 15th year. Our staff members each receive approximately 30 hours of training each calendar year. The majority of our full time staff also have their Child Development Associate (CDA) credentials. This center does not participate in an employee vaccination program and therefore does not require our employees to receive annual vaccinations (for example: flu shots) for preventable diseases.

+Classroom and Curriculum
Our Private School uses a curriculum designed by ABEKA and Alpha. This is a Christian curriculum. Each classroom has a curriculum guide that is available upon request. This guide walks each teacher through their day and explains exactly what activities are to be done. We also have a Curriculum Coordinator whose job is to oversee the teachers and provide them with the proper supplies in advance of the day’s activities. Supply fees are charged in our 3 Year Old and Pre-K Classes to cover Abeka books and all school supplies.

Toilet training will be done in all classes for children ages 2 years and up. If your child is a toddler and you feel that they are ready to begin, please notify the front desk and we will be happy to accommodate. As long as it’s not raining, the children will participate in outdoor play (please send jackets if needed). Screen time will not be used for ages 2 and under and only for special curriculum activities for ages 3 and up.

Parents will be called if your child becomes ill or has a contagious disease. Children who are running a fever of 100.4 or higher will be sent home and may not return to school until they have a doctor’s note or must be out one calendar day. If a child is vomiting, has diarrhea, or a green runny nose, please do not bring them to school. We will send them home. If you are called to pick up your child, please do so promptly within 1 hour. If parent fails to do so, the center will take necessary actions. Your child will be more comfortable at home when they are ill and we do not want to spread germs.

If your child is injured, there will be an injury report done. First Aid will be administered if needed (Band-aid, ice, etc). If the injury is serious you will be notified immediately. All children requiring immediate medical attention will be taken to the nearest emergency room, and the parent will be contacted as quickly as possible.

Medications and special medical procedures shall be administered to a child only on the written, dated and signed request of a licensed physician. The original label on the container with the physician’s instruction and child’s name is acceptable. If medication is to be administered only once or twice a day, please give it at home. All medication will only be administered at the specified times listed on the Medication Authorization Form. All non-prescription medication shall be labeled with the child’s name and date, and shall be administered to the child only when approved by the child’s parents via completion of the school’s medical forms. Dosage must be listed on the medication for the age of the child. No expired medication will be excepted.

Chapter 36 of the Texas Health and Safety Code requires that all children, age of 4 years, enrolled for the first time in any public or private school, or in a TDPRS Licensed Childcare facility, must be screened or have a professional examination for possible hearing and vision problems. We provide this at an extra cost yearly if parents wish to have it done here. Otherwise, parents must bring us a copy of their child’s screening annually.

Immunization records are required for all children attending our daycare. Oakdale will not accept any child that does not have current immunizations records. Oakdale follows the Texas Department of State Health Services Immunization Schedule regarding shots and TB testing.

Our discipline policy is as follows: Time-out is the only form of punishment our teachers are allowed to use. The Time-out will be equal to 1 minute for every year the child is old. Time-out will always be given in an area not to demean the child (ex: No child will be forced to face the corner). If a problem persists throughout the day, a conduct report will then be given detailing the child’s actions, and the parent will be given the form to sign upon picking up their child. If a child refuses to move or come to the office with the teacher, the child will then be escorted by the manager, principal or director to the office and the parent will be contacted. In extreme circumstances where the school feels they have done everything they can to control the behavior of a child, the parents will be called to come pick up the child for the day. Any fighting among our older children will result in automatic suspension from the center. Oakdale reserves the right to terminate care without prior notice.

A well-balanced meal with milk is served to all enrolled children at meal times. A monthly menu is posted on the lunchroom wall and in the classrooms.

Healthy snacks are served three times daily (am, pm, and evenings) to each group of children. Breakfast is served at the school from 6:30am to 8:00am. We have excellent cooks and provide your child with a well balanced, nutritious meal. Food may not be brought from outside the school unless enough is brought to share with the entire class, such as a class party. Only commercial and or individually wrapped foods with attached ingredient label will be allowed. Food and drinks hotter than 100 degrees Fahrenheit are kept out of the reach of children.  Our staff is educated on protecting children from food allergies. A Doctor’s note must be presented for any food/drink allergies. Food is not used as a reward or punishment. If any food is brought from outside the school because the child has missed our meal time, then the parent must sit with the child in the cafeteria and assist them until they are finished eating and can be taken to class.

+Breast Feeding
Parents are welcome to bring breast milk for their child for our staff to feed them. Breast feeding mothers are welcome to use Infant 1 restroom (for complete privacy) or sit in the classroom to breast feed as long as they are not exposed (must be covered up). Breast feeding information sheets are located in the front office.

Children may observe their birthdays in the classroom. Parents wishing to send favors, such as cupcakes or cookies, may make arrangements with the teacher.

+Clothing and Personal Belongings
Every child must have a change of clothing at the school at all times for emergency purposes. Each item of clothing must be clearly marked with child’s name. The school is not responsible for lost items; however please check in the school office for misplaced articles. A light blanket, mat/cot sheet and pillow may be brought from home for your child’s rest period, but please take them home on a weekly basis for laundry. Also, please make sure that the blanket you choose is not a valuable item or keepsake. Although we never intend to lose or misplace any of your children’s belongings, these things do happen, and the school will not be responsible for replacing the item. Please mark these items with your child’s name. The school will under NO circumstance be held responsible for any jewelry that may be lost while at school. We would prefer that no child wears jewelry, however if you choose to send your child to school with jewelry you may do so at your own risk. Children are not to bring toys, etc., to school except for class (Show & Tell). Every child must bring a backpack daily to hold their belongings.

+Uniforms (School Year)
All students 3 years old and up must be in uniform in order to attend school. If your child is not in uniform, you will not be allowed to drop off. There will be no exceptions. Uniforms will consist of red shirts. Shirts must be collared with 3 buttons. Pants, shorts, skirts, or jumpers must be either khaki, beige, or navy blue. Students may wear any shoes appropriate for school. Fridays will be casual day; your child may wear clothes that are appropriate for school. Blue Jeans will only be permitted on Fridays. Shoes are required for all walking children.

+Tuesday Folders
 During the academic school year we will send home a Tuesday folder weekly. This is our way of keeping parents informed of weekly activities, behavior, grades and teacher communication. All students work will be sent home weekly in their folder. Please sign and return your child’s folder to school on Wednesday. Tuesday folders are sent home with 3 year olds through Pre-K. Daily sheets will be provided for Infants.

+Report Cards
Report cards will be sent home every nine weeks with 3 Year Olds through Pre-K. Please sign and return the following day.

+Field Trips
Any child participating in an off campus field trip must have a parent consent letter signed by the parent. The parent will designate which field trip your child is allowed to go on by paying the requested fee. Each child must also be wearing an Oakdale Private School t-shirt. All children must arrive 30 minutes prior to field trip departure time. Only children ages 4 & up are allowed to go on field trips. Oakdale does not participate in swimming activities. The only water play your child will do is sprinkler play. Only full-time students are permitted to attend field trips, no exceptions. If a holding fee is paid, your child can not attend the field trip for the week the holding fee was paid.

Transportation is available to those children in area public schools. Transportation forms permitting Oakdale to pick up your child must be signed and filed with our office and the public school office. AS MUCH ADVANCE NOTICE AS POSSIBLE IS NECESSARY WHEN A PUBLIC SCHOOL CHILD IS NOT TO BE PICKED UP. Please call the school at 281-444-4547 by 1p.m.. If you do not call to let us know that your child will not be riding our van/bus, our staff has to unload the children and go and try to find your child and is delayed to our other schools. If you fail to call us and let us know that your child is absent or will not be riding the van three times, we will no longer be able to transport your child. We will add $5.00 to your account each time you do not call to notify us. If your account has a past due balance on Monday, your child will not be picked up from public school until your account is paid in full.

+Drop-In Care
Drop-ins will be allowed if space is available. Fees are payable on a daily basis at the time of service. A $50.00 per child cash or credit card deposit is required to drop your child off. An hourly rate of $10.00 per hour, per child, will be charged and applied and deducted from your deposit. If you go over the deposited amount, payment will be required at the time of pick-up. Drop-in care is only allowed for currently enrolled students.

+Teacher Communication
Please do not stop our teachers in the morning to have a conference with them. Our staff is busy trying to take care of their class and begin their day. If you would like to meet with a teacher, please schedule a conference or call the school and leave a message for her/him to call you. Our teachers will attempt to return all phone calls the same day that they are received. You may also call the office to request a parent/teacher conference. Communication with your child’s teacher is a very important part of your child’s success in school.

+Parent Concerns and Involvement
We invite all of our parents to stay involved in the day-to-day activities of their child. Each class will have a lesson plan and schedule posted on a parent board located in the classroom or next to the entrance of the classroom. This will provide the parent with an outline of what activities they can expect their child to be involved in each day. Oakdale has on open door policy to address any questions or concerns parents may have, and we invite you to ask to speak to the director.

All parents will be notified of policy changes, or any other pertinent information, by flyers, which will be posted on classroom doors and in the front office, as well as being sent home with each child in Tuesday Folders. Please make sure to stop by the office to update phone numbers and contact information on your child’s file as needed.

Weekly tuition is due in advance, no later than Tuesday for each week, or a $15.00 late fee will be charged on Wednesday. Late payment fees will be accessed to all accounts where the child has attended Monday or Tuesday and the account balance has not been paid by midnight Tuesday.  For children that do not attend until after Tuesday, the account balance must be paid by the time the child is picked up, or the late payment fee will apply.

By 3pm Friday if your account has a balance your child will not be allowed to attend, until your account is paid in full. Registration and supply fees are non-refundable, unless the school does not have space available. Full weekly payment is due if your child is present two or more days of the week. If your child is absent a full week, there is a holding fee of $40.00 per week. Holidays may not be deducted from tuition. Parents paying part time tuition (must be picked up by 7p.m.) for school age children will be charged $12.00 extra per day on days in which your child is out of school or has early dismissal and must still be picked up by 7p.m. Full tuition for weekly holidays.
If your child exceeds 12 hours on any day, you will be charged an overtime rate of $6.00 per hour. Picking up any children after daily closing times will incur a $2 per minute/per child fee. Any other time the center closes there will be a $5 per minute/per child charge. There is no multiple child discounts given on overtime charges. All overtime charges must be paid when picking the child up that day.

If your child is absent for an entire week you will be charged a $40 holding fee. This allows us to hold your child’s spot when your child does not attend. If your child attends one day out of the week, the fee will be $50 or the drop-in rate, whichever is greater. Failure to pay your holding fee or tuition will result in your child being removed from our enrollment. If that happens, you must re-enroll your child if space is available. Payments can be made online on our website at www.oakdaleprivateschool.com. Just stop by the front office for online account password.

+Emergency Preparedness and More
Our Emergency Preparedness plan is available in the front office for your review. Please note that in the event of an emergency at the school, all students will be taken to the gated parking area on Alcove Rd. directly behind the school. This property can also be accessed through a gate at the back of the facility (one street over East on FM 1960).

Oakdale does accept NCI (Workforce Solutions).

Please alert the front desk at any time to request to speak with the center director with any concerns about the center policies. Parents are allowed to visit and observe their child at any time without securing approval. If parents would like to participate in operational activities, please request to see the director. For other assistance, you may call the local TDPRS office at 713-940-5102 or www.tdprs.state.tx.us. Abuse hotline 1-800-252-5400. Licensing reports and minimum standards are available for review.

Our staff is trained annually in child abuse and neglect. It is our duty as child care providers to conduct health checks for well being of the children if necessary. A health check is visual and/or physical assessment of a child to identify potential concerns about a child’s health. This includes signs or symptoms of illness, injury, and abuse in response of changes in the child’s behavior since the last day of attendance.

Employees are made aware of issues regarding child abuse and neglect, which include warning signs that a child may be a victim of abuse or neglect. Our staff is kept current on warning signs and prevention techniques by information and materials obtained from the Texas Department of Health and Human Services. The same information is available in the front office for all of our parents. Child abuse and neglect information and phone numbers are available on the front office parent board.

Northwest Assistance Ministries (NAM), which is located in our community and works with Oakdale Private School, provides a family violence center to help families in need. For assistance, please call 281/885-4673.

Gang related criminal activity or engaging in organized criminal activity within 1000 feet of our facility is a violation of the law and is therefore subject to increased penalty.

Our facility is under camera surveillance at all times.

When an unforeseen circumstance occurs in our area (ex., power outage, inclement weather conditions, etc.), that is beyond our control, Oakdale Private School may close for an unspecified amount of time. If our power is out, we will not accept children until it is turned back on. If this should occur, there will be no reimbursement of any kind, including refund of tuition for days missed.

Oakdale reserves the right to terminate care without prior notice.

**Policies and procedures can be updated at any time, most recent copies are available in the front office at all times**


By signing my child’s enrollment form that states that I acknowledge receipt of the facility’s operational policies I am granting Oakdale Private School permission to take pictures of my child during school activities.  I am also granting Oakdale Private School permission to post pictures on the school website at www.oakdaleprivateschool.com and on Oakdale Private School’s Facebook page.  Children’s names will not be used.  I understand that if I DO NOT want my child’s picture taken or posted that I must fill out the form below and turn it into the front office upon enrollment.


Child’s Name (please print):______________________________________________________

_____ NO, Oakdale Private School does NOT have permission to use images of my child on the school

website or on the Oakdale Private School Facebook page.

Parent/Guardian Signature: ______________________________________________________

Date: _________________

Parent/Guardian Name (please print):